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Welcome to my blog -- I've embarked on this new venture / ADventure to share what I've learned about parenting children in the 21st century. There is so much information to wade through, and I've got my boots on, to help you find out what you want to know, to answer your questions. I'll be back with my first blog entry soon. But to get us started, I just want to enjoy the moment between mother and toddler. We all have those moments and while we can't stop time the way a photo does, we can hold on to them and use them to energize us throughout the day. From time to time I will ask a question in these postings, and I hope you will add your opinions. One thing I definitely know about parenting is that you and your child or children can become the experts in each other. And that was lies family success.

So today's question. How do you feel about the idea of parenting as a 'journey'? Does that reflect how you feel about your life with your little one?

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