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Love, Dignity, and Parkinson's

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I know because I lived it. Get your messages from me -  hard-won wisdom sent from the heart -  for the PD caregiving life.


Caregiving for people with Parkinson's can feel like doing battle for the disappearing heart and soul of your loved one.


I'm Terri.

I support caregivers of people with Parkinson's. But what I've got for you is different.

Here, I will pay attention to what PD caregiving does to YOUR life.  

I've been in your shoes—I was a caregiver for my dearly loved husband, and I know all too well the thoughts that cross your mind, wondering, "What happened to MY life?"

After my Husband with Parkinson's (HWP) passed away I realized that my journey with Parkinson's wasn't over. So, I sat down at my desk and penned the book Love, Dignity, and Parkinson's. Though, considering how PD affects our lives, I might have titled it "Well, Crap."

My book and my lifeline letters are all about sharing  insights and reflections on living the caregiving life, and I assure you, I won't bring any perky notions that this is a highly fulfilling experience. It's NOT the "hardest job you'll ever love," and I won't claim " you have only been given burdens you can bear."

Caregiving is hard. Don't face it alone. Together, we can make your caregiving journey a little more interesting and a little easier.

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